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Laws define that we should provide you with accurate information of the ways of how the personal information provided by you shall be used by us and when will it be published or disclosed to any other person or company or firm. By this, you are assured that we use your provided personal information through a responsible way that you expect from us.

CJXANDER Marketing knows that your personal information is confidential. The personal information that we have about you is used only for contractual purposes, operational ones or for queries produced by you. We also use this for data mining and marketing as well as research purposes. We also buy details at a specific range of time period from other reputed firms and organisations. We do this sometimes to generate a list of relevant products for you. If we provide you with how we use your information and still you agree to provide the personal information, it is seen as a consent provided to us.


Cookies are small files that we place in your computer’s memory to identify whether you are a new visitor or are a familiar user. All your preferences can be measured by cookies and we can provide you with relevant information according to your preferences. We can monitor the site according to your usage and measure the site’s usability for you.

By disabling cookies and deleting them you free your memory as well as maintain privacy, but this prevents you from getting all the advantages provided by the site and you can also get help from the provided link

We use Google Analytics, through which we can collect the data provided by you. You can however block the usage of Google Analytics now by clicking opting out.

Unlike to your personal information, the cookies are fully protected with us and we don’t sell or disclose this data to anyone. The details provided by you remain completely confidential with us.

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