7 Content Ideas to Try for more leads in your business

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7 Content Ideas to Try for more leads in your business

The whole lead generation process is tough — especially when you only rely on traditional methods. Sending cold emails and scraping together lists can be incredibly demoralizing because, let’s face it — most of those people don’t really want to talk to you.

What if you could still reach your lead generation goals using methods that actually add value for your prospects?

These ideas provide valuable information to prospects that helps them instead of pushing them to buy from your brand.

1) Collect and share success secrets from thought leaders.

Want to provide unique value in your content? Start by reaching out to a thought leader in your industry. By interviewing an expert to uncover their secrets, you prove to potential customers that you’re dedicated to delivering the best advice out there.


2) Make awesome Help videos to solve an issue for prospects.

2-3 minute Help videos can solve a real problem for potential customers in a format that’s both entertaining and easily digestible by publishing content strictly about your product or service. Videos create on a phone or computer recording can be relevant to anyone who has a smartphone. This will help your brand create value for people who may not even be familiar with your company.


3) Create a quiz.

Offer a quiz to your website visitors as a creative way to learn more about them and obtain their contact information. The goal is to “bargain” the result of the quiz in return for a new lead, which can be very effective when done right.


4) Create a worksheet that simplifies a process.

There are tasks in every business that are best suited by a worksheet. For example, a software company might use a worksheet to formulate a marketing strategy. By providing a simple worksheet for people to fill out — and trading that worksheet for an opt-in — you can create a mutually positive relationship with prospects.


5) Create a list of useful tips.

It’s easy to brag about the tools your company offers, but when you take the initiative and explore other helpful tips and tools your audience could be using, it proves that you prioritize their success over your own self-promotion. In return, you are also attracting the kind of audience that is looking for solutions like yours, which could drive leads.


6) Create a template to simplify an everyday process.

There are certain templates you use everyday for your clients or potential customers. Creating those templates for your customers is the perfect way to begin a strong relationship that can end in the prospect actually buying your product or service.


7) Offer a free trial.

Free trials of a brand’s services help get a prospect’s foot halfway through the door. If the trial helps them and provides great value, they’re more likely to purchase the full product and become a customer. Touchless buying is popular among prospects who want to stay engaged or online and off the phone. By creating a free trial, a brand’s site can do its own selling and encourage buying in a low-pressure way.

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