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Digital Marketing For Health and Wellness Experts

Struggling To Fill Your Diary & Get More Clients?

Do You Struggle with Digital Marketing and Need Some Help?

Discover the Simple and Effective things you can do to ensure you are consistent in getting clients online.

In the marketing world, the way that people buy products and services has changed dramatically over the last few years. We are now more in a realm of educating consumers and providing high value to them in order for them to gain your trust and buy. The most successful businesses today are those that solely focus on serving others.

Client To You Marketing Map To Help You Get More Leads, Clients and Sales Online


Best Value Product! – VIP Campaign Funnel

Success Story!

I am now up and running my own Pilates teaching business and CjXander has worked alongside me and helping with my Facebook marketing. I feel fantastic and excited now I have a strategy & marketing funnel for getting new clients, that are now more interested in my Pilates classes. As a result, by listening to all my ideas, along with CjXander’s own developments, I now have an extra 2 to 3 new clients joining my classes each week and is increasing! He genuinely cares about helping each individual business to get more clients.

Sarah Jones, Pragma Pilates
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Why Use CJ XANDER Marketing?

Rather than the traditional route of outbound marketing, hoping that you get the results from investing money in advertisements, inbound marketing focuses on getting your content and message in front of your target market. That way you will give them a direct online channel to go through by collecting specific information and providing them with good value in order for them to move towards you.

As a result, you will achieve

  • More customers
  • The right customers
  • Increased sales and profit
  • Re bookings and repurchases
  • Referrals
  • Great satisfaction by helping your clients

The Problem

Often in businesses, especially in the health & wellness industry can struggle from a familiar issue which seems like a world of competition. It can be frustrating trying to separate yourself from the crowd and not getting the results that you want. But with an effective marketing strategy, you now have the opportunity to stand out, reach your potential customers and have them come to you.

Who We Work With


Fitness Experts

Life Coaches

Wellness Instructors



Medical Specialists

and many more

Mission Statement “I believe in supporting those who want to help others through digital marketing to provide good results which generates more leads, customers and sales.

– CJ Xander founder of CJ Xander: Marketing for Health and Wellness.


“CJ Xander Marketing is an excellent way to increase the number of leads, clients and ultimately sales via the simple but effective digital marketing systems. This can enable you to help more people with their fitness and overall well-being, without having to invest loads of time and money in advertising and marketing. Excellent!” – Jory Chambers – Next Level PT, Manchester

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